Two more meetings of the Alliance’s working groups have been scheduled for September 2017. The first one will be held on Thursday, September 28 in Sarajevo, in the hotel “Bosnia”. It is the first meeting of Working Group 5 formed within the Alliance for EU Integration, dealing with the issues of “Social Policy and Employment”. The aim of the meeting is to get to know other members of the Working Group who provided answers to the questions from Chapter 19, and a review of the answers provided to the mentioned chapter from the European Commission Questionnaire – “Social Policy and Employment”, which the Foundation for Social Inclusion in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a coordinator of Working Group 5 has collected during the months of August and September. As announced by Ranka Ninković-Papić, Director of FSU in BiH, the future cooperation, and engagement of the Working Group in the context of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s preparations for participation in EU negotiations on Chapter 19 will be agreed at the meeting.

The next meeting will be held on September 29 at the Park Hotel in Doboj, organized by the Youth Communication Center (OKC). This is the first meeting of Working Group 2 dealing with the issues of Chapters 25 and 26, more precisely, dealing with the issues of Science and Research and Education and Culture. As announced by Saša Marković, Executive Director of OKC, the goal of the meeting is to harmonize answers submitted by civil society organizations – members of the Working Group.